Who We Are

Building Space for People to Flourish

President Dave Hays and CEO Paul Schulz are actively involved in day-to-day operations. “Building Space for People to Flourish” was envisioned through their leadership and guides our decisions and direction.
Experience informed the creation of our six company values, with our most proud and emblematic moments guiding the way. Pence’s purpose of building space for people to flourish extends from the way we treat clients and employees to the passion we put into the projects we build.

Whether we’re focused on cost certainty or equitable space to include diverse populations, Pence’s core values are reflected in everything we do.

Pence Values

What makes us different? Our relentless focus on values that drive meaning and results for our people and partners.

From our employees to our clients and partners, we seek relationships that are equally beneficial and based on shared values. Contracting is a partnership unlike any other, and it can be a great one if centered on respect. This is how we have maintained clients like Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette for 30 years.

Every day and every project presents a new opportunity to learn. Curiosity coupled with hard work results in consistently better outcomes. We love to learn new skills and tackle challenges, which is why we built Oregon’s first Platinum-Rated United States Resilience Council structure--the Oregon State Treasury Building.

No one of us achieves success alone. Recognizing this, we work collaboratively, establishing shared goals and recognizing how critical every individual is to the whole. That’s why many projects start with a charter establishing how we work together, expectations, and metrics for success.

Building space for people to flourish is no small mission. Our goal to provide employees, clients, end users and partners with the conditions to flourish means we work harder than others. That’s how people like Chief Estimator Ruchi Yadav earned the DJC’s Building Diversity Award. Through mentoring small, diverse subcontractors, Ruchi is passing her skills on to others.

Promises mean a lot to us. We don’t make them lightly and, when made, we’ll work diligently to keep them. Transparency in process, estimating, constructability, billing, and schedule builds trust between ourselves and our partners.

Putting safety before schedule, and people before profits, Pence is dedicated to the people we work with. That’s why our safety team has grown exponentially in the past five years, to dedicate resources to jobsite safety practices.

Pence welcomed Elisabeth Kenaston and Shannon Parker into the ownership group in 2021, making the firm one of a limited group of GCs with female representation in ownership.