Upward Trends in Commodities Prices

Pence has begun tracking and providing quarterly overviews of the construction commodity market. We invite you to download the first of these overviews below.

Q2 2021 Summary:

Over the last two years we have seen unprecedented events unfold locally, and internationally including a pandemic, extreme weather, and civil unrest.  These events have not only affected our personal lives but also the construction industry as a whole with material availability and price escalation creating significant issues. Over the past months we have met the challenge of estimating construction projects by informing ourselves on commodities escalation. To help our partners make informed project decisions we are making our Commodity Tracking information public.  The Pence Commodity Tracking Report takes global, national, and local information and analyzes it based on how it affects us in the Northwest. Download it here and look for the next quarterly report at year end.

Download the Q2 2021 Report Here

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