Kalapuya Elementary School

The Kalapuya Elementary School was constructed to accommodate a student body of 600 students. The two-story building embodies northwest architectural style and was designed for a 100+ year lifespan by using long term durable materials. Built to be as visually open as possible, the school allows for a high degree of passive security. Every classroom in the building has access to light and views. Kalapuya was designed to meet the criteria of USGBC’s LEED Silver program with a primary focus on energy efficiency. The wall systems use building “outsulation” to prevent thermal bridging and increase the buildings energy performance. The HVAC systems are designed to perform 20% better than the energy code and all power consuming equipment is actively managed through the BMS computer systems.

Location: Salem, Oregon

SQ FT: 72,095

Project Type: K-12 Education, Sustainability


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