We take visions and make them tangible. We ask big questions and analyze small details.
From the moment we sign onto a project, we invest everything we have.
Your vision becomes ours and we look for potential problems to create solutions quickly.


Because the success of a construction project is often determined during the design and preconstruction phases, clients and architects rely on Pence’s assistance and direction to determine feasibility, budget, constructability, value engineering, and cost. Utilizing knowledge that comes from decades of highly-diversified construction experience and current cost trends, we are able to provide clear insight into costs and construction alternatives.

Pence is one of the most experienced construction firms performing work through the CM/GC and GMP methods of project delivery. We are hired by public and private entities to simplify the methods of managing complex projects. We do so while collaborating with the owner and design team. In addition, we have the proven ability to develop an effective and efficient subcontracting plan and bid delivery method. We work with our subcontracting partners to fill every bid with enough qualified firms to ensure competitive bidding and quality results.


Feasibility, Budget &  Value Engineering

Feasibility, Budget & Value Engineering


The Pence approach to preconstruction services boils down to three simple ideas: start early, ask questions, find solutions. From the moment we join your project team, Pence adds expertise and value to the process.

We do this by taking the time to understand your project and its unique challenges so we can solve them quickly. Our team of estimating and construction professionals relies on a mix of state-of-the-art tools and time-honed construction wisdom to approach these challenges and bring smart, feasible solutions to the table.

Budget, schedule, value engineering and feasibility are the focus of Pence’s preconstruction process. From small remodels to large, new structures, the Pence approach can be scaled to guide any project from start to finish.

Site Acquisition Assistance

Site Acquisition Assistance

Every site comes with advantages and challenges. We will help control costs by being mindful of the building footprint, site work, and utilities infrastructure requirements when reviewing potential sites. We provide this service through:

  • Site Investigation
  • Site Feasibility Assistance
  • Due Diligence Assistance
  • Project Financing Review and Assistance



Estimating is the first step in a successful project. Our expertise in providing clients with reliable numbers is one of our primary roles, and we take that responsibility seriously. We offer clients:

  • Conceptual and Schematic Budgeting
  • Value Engineering/Cost Reduction
  • In-House Trade Estimating
  • Budget Variance Analysis
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Our estimating department uses Precision Estimating software, OnScreen graphic quantity survey tools, and Smartbid Virtual Plan Room. Our budgets are prepared using the standard CSI format. During the preliminary schematic and design development we will take off all quantities in the project and also go out to select subcontractors for budget estimating. During final estimating to establish GMP, we will refine our quantities and go out to the subcontractor market for a highly-accurate construction budget. Our cost control starts from the schematic stage where we meticulously review the design and flag any undefined or unclear item. Our work up front in preconstruction is key to mitigating any future changes as a result of the plans or specifications.


Preconstruction Scheduling

Preconstruction Scheduling

This is our time to get the most benefit from construction decisions related to schedule (especially timing of bids), site location and orientation, structure type, major MEP systems and building envelope. We execute this evaluation with:

  • Conceptual level scheduling through the entire design and entitlement process
  • Owner and designer activities including entitlement activities
  • Long lead material coordination, scheduling and procurement
  • Cash flow projections
Preconstruction Design Assistance

Preconstruction Design Assistance

When brought on early enough, our expertise during the preconstruction phase brings strong value to the design process. We know what is important during this phase of your project.

The shape of a building is an essential component of the design process, and one of the largest opportunities for cost savings during the pre-development advisory phase. This affects exterior envelope costs, efficient use of space and the site footprint.

If and when you decide to pursue LEED certification or equivalents, Pence can help guide you through the process. We will establish early LEED targets and requirements to meet those goals. We will track and document the LEED efforts.

We work with clients to consider land use requirements, transportation requirements, and local county and city incentives for development.

GMP Preparation

GMP Preparation

During preconstruction we budget every phase of the document development. For many projects, this means three to six fully-detailed estimates before breaking ground. As we prepare these budgets, our estimating staff uses their extensive industry experience to read between the lines of the evolving drawings. In doing so, we develop budgets for completed buildings, not just what we see on an early set of drawings.

We also spend time learning about our clients’ businesses and how they work. By understanding our customers we can interpret the schematic and development documents into complete estimates.  As the first subcontract bids arrive, and the GMP is developed, Pence has an absolute open book policy with our customers. We offer clients everything from bid solicitation call logs, to the full detail of the bids themselves. We will ensure our relationship is financially transparent.

Our GMP preparation processes includes:

  • Bid package coordination and preparation
  • Subcontractor bid solicitation
  • Ideal GMP competitive market timing
  • MWESB participation
  • Project safety planning and analysis


Project Delivery Methods

Project Delivery Methods

Pence is a highly-experienced construction firm, frequently performing work through the CM/GC and GMP methods of project delivery. We are hired by both public and private entities to simplify the management of complex projects, and we do so while collaborating with the owner and design team.

In addition, we have a proven ability to develop effective and efficient subcontracting plans and bid delivery methods. We make sure the subcontractor pool is filled with enough qualified firms to encourage competitive bidding and quality results.

Project Delivery Contracting Methods
  • Negotiated Cost Plus with GMP
  • Public and Private CM/GC
  • Competitive Bid / Lump Sum / Hard Bid / Design Bid Build
  • Design/Build – Private
  • Design Build MEP
  • Design Build – Public
  • Financial Participant
  • Tax Credit Funded
  • HUD and Specialty Financed
  • Developer Driven Build to Suit


Cost Control

Cost Control

Pence knows that true Value Engineering (VE) is when our analysis of the requirements of a project leads us to solutions that improve its function, form, lifecycle and overall cost. When analyzing VE concepts, we put both current plans and new ideas through the following thought process:

1. Function: Does it meet or exceed the function of current or standard specs?
2. Cost: Are there immediate cost savings or lifecycle savings involved?
3. Aesthetics: Does it meet or exceed aesthetic standards of current specs?

This is done at all stages of the design process, but is most effective when done during conceptual and schematic design. Cost reduction potential decreases over time, meaning our team can be most effective when brought on early. We know this and begin Value Engineering as soon as possible to maximize results. We offer these services during Value Engineering:

  • Ongoing value engineering
  • Change management and cost control
  • Cost forecasting
  • Cash flow analysis
Scheduling Measures

Scheduling Measures

Pence’s scheduling approach is a team process incorporating input from the client, architect, engineers, and subcontractors. By engaging all personnel in developing the schedule, each team member becomes more invested and accountable to the project milestones.

Construction delays are controlled and minimized through constant and proactive communication with all trades and suppliers; weekly onsite meetings; three week look-ahead schedules; and a detailed construction plan that describes the sequence of all tasks prior to commencing work.  Our integrated approach to managing these critical factors, and other performance measures, keeps your project on track for successful completion. We implement the latest tools, monitor the right data and consult our onsite staff to bring it all together.

  • Detailed CPM scheduling including procurement
  • Weekly schedule updating
  • Schedule benchmark review
  • Short interval look ahead scheduling
  • Procurement management
Quality Control

Quality Control

Pence is dedicated to providing the highest-quality construction to our clients. Through experience and continuous review, we have found a duplicatable process that results in quality every time. This process includes:

  • Subcontractor pre-qualification
  • Submittal review exceeding project requirements
  • Written QA/QC plans
  • Ongoing installed products review
  • Thorough pre-punch preparation

In our experience, the best way to deliver quality is to hire the right people and continue their training. Our philosophy is that every Pence Construction employee, regardless of their position, is also a quality control technician for their project. Multiple sets of eyes on every problem, challenge, and solution results in a team dialogue that ends in the best possible outcome. Our senior management and ownership team look at each project on a weekly basis to guarantee that quality standards are being achieved. No exceptions.

Pence employs an extensive Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program, administered and overseen by our General Superintendent, Roland Mack. Roland will ensure that our high QA/QC standards are met or exceeded each step of the way consistently through:

  • Planning and detailing review throughout design progression
  • Dedicating QA/QC walks with the design team prior to construction meetings with the architect, owner and contractor
  • Engaging in extensive pre-punch reviews
  • Striving for zero architectural punch lists
Other Important Construction Services

Other Important Construction Services

Our team will train your team on all of the new systems within the building. We video the training session and provide a copy with the Operation and Maintenance manuals.

Our teams are well-acquainted with the final commissioning process for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical systems. We will diligently work with your commissioning agent to research, track, and resolve commissioning topics as they arise. By maintaining our consistent project team with the commissioning agent, we ensure we complete this process in a timely manner that focuses on quality.

Our project Superintendent understand that a key component of the project documents are the as-built construction plans which the final occupants will refer to throughout the life of the building. By ensuring the project Superintendent commits to a complete and final set of documents prior to completing their role, we make sure you have the best information about your building.

  • Owner-furnished materials/services coordination
  • Jobsite imagery and web-based cameras
  • Complete as-builts and close out
  • Industry leading safety and pre-planning measures
  • Responsive warranty services

“The team at Pence have made the Rec Sports at OSU look great, by delivering a carefully planned, deftly executed and award winning final product that we are all proud of.”

M. Thraiikill | Associate | Yost Grube Hall Architecture